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Client solutions

Bespoke solutions. Building talent pipelines. Leadership assessments to gain insight on behavioural capabilty to fit the role and the capacity to evolve.

We support talent acquisition teams in identifying potential profiles in the market and effectively building talent pipelines that they can tap into.

Our project-based search solutions are tailored to meet specific project / or volume requirements.

We partner with qualified professionals to integrate a blend of leadership assessments into the search process.

Top view of a bridge with cars on it built on a river which represents the client solutions service

Talent mapping

If your company is considering entering a new market or is expanding, a good understanding of the talent landscape can underpin the success of the business. By charting organizational structures, positions, and skills, we provide valuable insights and a holistic view of the current talent market.

Mapping solutions

Identifying targeted profiles by market, industry, or function

Bespoke market intelligence to enable organisations to benchmark talent.

Bespoke Talent Pipeline Building

Having a robust talent pipeline is imperative to avoid disruption. This solution is valid for growing companies, or multinationals expanding in response to an ever-shifting business environment, requiring them to bring in new skills.

Based on your business objectives, we adapt the mapping and delivery strategy to suit. Our talent acquisition team can support in building diverse leadership pipelines. The output of our mapping service is usually a comprehensive chart of prospective talent that can be developed by internal teams or transitioned to an executive search solution led by our firm.

Project search solutions

Based on your specific needs, we offer bespoke project search solutions. We support internal talent acquisition teams in delivering projects efficiently. Our research team can alleviate the intense workload of screening and validating prospective candidates.

Leadership assessment

Leaders bring different capabilities, motivations, and levels of agility. Making sure the right people are joining your executive team, either by internal promotion or external recruitment, is essential.

Leadership assessment helps organizations mitigate talent risks and make objective, informed people decisions. Our team works with qualified professionals to assess a candidate’s fit for senior roles, manage succession planning, and determine development needs. Our team can support you to design and deliver targeted programs to develop key leadership capabilities to meet various business outcomes.


Emile Borrer

Managing Partner

“We turned to Borrer when we needed to hire because they offered us a truly flexible service suited to our needs and budget. As smaller organization, without internal HR resources, we were very happy with the service, the candidates put forward and the support and advice received along the way.”

— Partner & CIO, IT Services and Consulting SME

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