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Career Lab

One-on-one career strategy programs to define and align professional goals and priorities.

If you are actively seeking a new career direction, wish to perform better in your current role, or simply want more satisfaction from your work, you must have a career plan.

You need clear and realistic career objectives, a solid strategy for achieving them along with a measurable plan.

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Attracting top talent

As an executive search firm, we work closely with our corporate clients to identify, assess, and attract top talent. We interact with hundreds of potential candidates, and we know why some candidates are successful, while others struggle.

Define your professional priorities

Define your professional priorities that are aligned with your values, targeting your key motivators and ultimate skills.

Activate and engage

Activate and effectively engage with your network to drive the change you seek.

Develop a “toolbox”

Develop an effective “toolbox” including personal branding statements, CV, and social media profile to attract the right opportunities.

Gain valuable insights

Gain valuable insights on the do’s and don’ts of job search whether dealing with search firms or hiring companies directly.

Gain insight into potential strengths

Through leadership assessments, gain insight into potential strengths & blind spots, how these may inhibit your performance, and strategies to maximize your impact.

Our modules are flexible, collaborative and action oriented

Career strategy

Unlocking potential and setting direction.

Executive presence

Show-up, speak and interact in a powerful way.


Liesbeth Van Loock

Certified Executive Coach & Career Strategist

“Unlike any head-hunters I have dealt with in the past, Borrer Executive offered a uniquely bespoke experience, with experts on hand for all steps of your career strategy. The whole experience has been straight-forward and professional from start to finish. Just days after my updated resume and LinkedIn profile were available, I had secured two interviews and matters are progressing swiftly. My advice: Remember that time is finite and that working with experts is an investment that will stand the test of time.”

— Risk Management Executive, Hong Kong

Career advice

Influencing others: the role of emotion

Already the ancient Greeks knew it: there is nothing such as appealing to people’s emotions if you want to move them towards a decision or action.


Digital body language: communicating in the new normal

Erica Dhawan speaks about digital body language, why it matters and how to use it to master sales and engagement.


The 10 commandments of networking

Roughly 20% of open positions at the management level and upwards are advertised. Four out of five job opportunities are invisible to you. So how do you tap into the elusive 80% ?

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Client solutions

Bespoke solutions. Building talent pipelines. Leadership assessments to gain insight on behavioural capabilty to fit the role and the capacity to evolve.

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Executive Search

An end-to-end search solution. Definition of the ideal candidate profile, advising on the optimal sourcing strategy, to integration of the successful person.